More Lessons on Tailgating

Greetings from the Big Dipper! As you may have noticed, the college and professional football seasons are getting to the point where we have a pretty good idea who’s still in the hunt and who’s done. This causes the fans of said teams to act one of two ways.

For the fans of teams who are out of the playoff picture, there’s the usual grumbling and mumbling, talk about “prima donnas” and intense focus on the weekly lineup of their fantasy team. For the fans of those teams that are having a good year, happy days are here again! Nobody can stop us! Woo hoo! Etcetera. With both groups, however, one event continues to hold the promise of fun on Saturdays and Sundays – tailgating.

Both the “wait til next year” and the “we’re number one” crowds love to tailgate, albeit for different reasons. The fans of the team that’s losing need some kind of distraction from the awful play on the field. The fans of the winners are happy, happy, happy and just want to talk about what a great bunch of guys their team is this year.  As a public service, Gordo’s Cheese Dip, has some more tips on tailgating and couchgating, no matter where your team is in the standings.

College vs. Professional Tailgate Parties

Although is getting more and more difficult to tell the difference between amateur and professional athletes, college and professional games have a differing vibe from each other and your tailgate party will need to reflect this. This is especially true with regards to the game day attire.

Tailgating at a college game is all about the pomp and pageantry of celebrating one’s alma mater or the alma mater that one wished he’d had if he could’ve passed the SAT. Therefore, wearing the appropriate school colors – no matter how revolting they look in the form of say, a plaid sports coat or checked trousers – is mandatory.

Traditional rivalries – Oregon vs. Oregon State, Alabama vs. Auburn, Texas vs. Oklahoma – bring out the best variations of articles of clothing, composed of school colors. Having these colors prominently displayed at the tailgate party and on the bodies of the tailgaters is critical. Body paint featuring school colors is always appropriate so long as the wearers of said paint don’t have giant guts and scare little children and the elderly when they remove their shirts to reveal the artwork!

The pro game features a lot more fantasy among fans. Sure, there are fans wearing team colors and apparel with variations on the team mascot adorning it, but there are also perfectly normal people who become lunatics on game day and dress accordingly.

We’ve all seen some of the amazingly inventive Oakland Raiders’ fans whose menacing costumes suggest a futuristic and violent dystopia. Plus, the fat men in dresses, women’s hats and pig faces – the Hogs of the Washington Redskins – have been rooting around for decades. Every professional football team has a group of hardcore fans who wake up one morning and say “I’m going to the game today dressed as a shish kabob skewer of vegetables and meat or a bumble bee dressed as a World War II fighter pilot.”

They All Have to Eat

Whether you come to the game dressed as a sorority girl from Ol Miss or an evil Transformer from Detroit, you still have to eat and there’s no better place to do that then at a tailgate party which features Gordo’s Cheese Dip. 

If you’re in charge of food for the party and you haven’t discovered all 6 of the Gordo’s Cheese Dip flavors, you need to step up your game a little. The easiest and best tasting snack at any tailgate party is a giant bowl or small table, piled high with chips and a container of Gordo’s Cheese Dip in the hands of every guest. This makes it easy for them to grab a chip and dip it in their very own Gordo’s container.

All you have to do to be the host with the most is make sure there is an endless supply of chips and a giant ice chest, full of Gordo’s Cheese Dip containers. Putting a sign over the ice chest that says: “Gordo’s Cheese Dip – Help Yourself to a Container” will ensure that everyone is happy.

Deciding on how many containers of Gordo’s you need for your tailgate party can be tricky. The most important consideration is that you don’t run out! Therefore, a good rule of thumb (or whatever finger you use for your rule) is to buy 2 containers for every person you expect to show up at the pre-game and post-game party.

Ten people can easily consume 20 little tubs of Gordo’s in the course of a tailgate party. If you’re expecting 40 people, you better have a big ice chest or, what the heck, bring the family refrigerator. Why not? Nobody’s home. You’re all at the tailgate party!





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