Tips for a Super Party

Super Parties From Gordo’s Cheese Dip – Part Two

When the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco Forty-Niners finally tee-up the ball for the kickoff of this year’s Super Bowl late in the afternoon of February 3rd, millions of celebrants will just be hitting their “party stride.” That’s because the annual rite known as “Super Bowl Sunday” and all of the parties that are connected to this game will have been underway since earlier that afternoon.

So, are you planning a Super Bowl party this year? If you are, what have you got going for your guests? As a public service, Gordo’s Cheese Dip has spent the last couple of weeks tossing around some ideas that might make your party even better.

Super Themes for Your Party

In last week’s blog, we covered some of the basics of Super Bowl party planning. If you haven’t read it, here’s a link to catch you up. The most important points of last week’s post were:

(1)   The best Super Bowl party themes and activities are simple

(2)   The best Super Bowl party food is served on a buffet

(3)   Even though you may be the host you shouldn’t have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen while your guests are whopping it up in the other room!

Fortunately, Gordo’s Cheese Dips can help you with just about all of these points.

Since it is, after all, a football game, the themes for décor are pretty simple. Football photos, team colors, and football themed knick-knacks are all you need to get the look right. Go to any party store and you will be amazed at the choices for football novelties. Everything from those giant “We’re Number One” plastic hands to the long (and LOUD) plastic horns is available either in the store or from websites that sell products for party planning.

You can also make your own football party favor by going to the fabric store and buying several yards of bright yellow fabric. Bring it home and cut it into 1’ by 1’ squares. Once you have 30 or 40 of these yellow pieces of fabric, put a tablespoon of rice in the middle of the pieces and secure the rice with a rubber band. You will then have your very own penalty flags which you can throw at anyone who seems a little too quiet during the party!

Let your guests keep these yellow penalty flags and encourage them to toss these flags at other, unsuspecting guests and make up their own, silly penalties – “personal foul, not having enough fun” or “encroachment on the cheese dip.” In no time at all, you will have dozens of flags being thrown by people who would normally never do anything like this at a party.

Since this Super Bowl is being held at the Super Dome in New Orleans, it might be fun to feature New Orleans/Mardi Gras colors, beads and masks for the décor and guests gifts. This Big Easy theme would be perfect to base the food for the party. Crawfish, shrimp, Poboys, red beans and rice. Be sure and have lots of Gordo’s Cheese Dip for guests to have something to put on and dip into the New Orleans food.

Many people associate football games with tailgate parties and if the weather is nice where you live, it’s very easy to move everything outside – the big screen TVs, the food table, the chairs and the bar – and stage your Super Bowl party as a super tailgater. Here are some great Gordo’s foods that have been tested in tailgate parties all over America and they all rock!

Gordo’s Party Layerd Dip

Buffalo Chicken Wingdip

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Gordo’s Pizza Cheese Dip

Gordo’s Fajita Soft Tacos

Gordo’s Quesadilla Recipe

Game Day Hanky Pankys

Gordo’s Philly Steak & Cheese

Gerri’s Mexican Wings

Gordo’s Burrito

Don’t Forget Facebook

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and Pinterest can be a fun part of your Super Bowl party.  All it takes is someone with a phone camera or video camera walking through the fun and chaos and taking candid shots of party-goers. That person can easily post photos of the party on any of the social nets.

It becomes even more fun when a computer, set on one of these social nets, is placed in a prominent place at the party. As more and more photos and videos (with party guests tagged) show up, your guests can then share these shots on their own social networks while they are at the party.

Another cool digital activity for your Super Bowl party is to use telephone/video service – Skype to share you party with friends who have moved away or for whatever reason are unable to attend your party. Since the game is watched by millions of people around the world, there’s a excellent possibility that it will be airing where they live. A video connection with Skype will let all your friends, wherever they are, share the fun.

The Games People Play

Some groups of friends like to enjoy the food and beverages, watch the game and the commercials and then hit the road after the final whistle. If this is the type of group you will have at your party, cool. Life is much easier with this sedate bunch.

However, many people, who are a little more lively, enjoy playing games before and during the actual Super Bowl. Here are a few ideas for this group of party animals:

A Pre-Game Wagering Pool: There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of formats for wagering pools. The best way to find the one that you like it to use the tool that you use for everything else – Google. The easiest format is to divide one sheet of paper into 4 sections (for the 4 quarters of the game) and populate squares of each of these quarters with numbers running from 0 to 9. Guests are allowed to “purchase” all of the squares they want for a set amount (usually $1 or $2) and each quarter the score of the game is compared to the number that each guest has bought. The person who  correctly guesses the number, based on the score in that quarter win one-quarter of the total amount of the pool.

Rate the Commercials: The fact that companies who advertise on the big game often feature the best spots of the year, make commercials shown during the Super Bowl as exciting as the game! It’s easy to make a game out of ranking the best and worst commercials. Have guests write down their favorites and at the end of the game tally the votes to find out which commercials were the greatest and which were the biggest waste of money.

Pick-the-MVP: Before the game starts, have all of your guests put in $1, $5, or $10, based on how large you want your pool. Then put the names of all of the key players on both teams into a hat and have each participating guest draw a player’s name. At the end of the game, the guest who chose the MVP wins the pot!

Cheesy Comment Dip: This is a dipping game, not a drinking game! Each time any player, coach or announcer says something that the group deems “cheesy” everyone must take another dip of Gordo’s Cheese Dip. Typical cheesy comments include such bon mots as:

There’s no tomorrow

This is the biggest third down of the year

It’s  a game of inches

There’s a lot riding on this

I’ve never had a group of guys like these guys

Super Cup:  One  guest is given an empty cup and they are asked to put a dollar into it. That person has to name a football play, such as field goal, off-sides penalty,      touchdown, etc. The cup keeps getting passed with each person adding a dollar to it. The cup continues to get passed after each play until the play designated by the first person is completed and the person holding the cup wins the money!

What About the Kids?

Getting a baby-sitter on Super Sunday is as difficult as finding one on New Year’s Eve. If you or many of your friends have younger kids and have no place to leave them in order to come to your party, why not set aside a place in the home where the party is being held – far from the adults – where the kids can have their own Super Bowl party?

With a little planning, one teenager (preferrably one who could care less about the Super Bowl) can be hired to be the official Kid’s Super Bowl party manager. Each guest can bring their children with the understanding that the kids cannot join the adults (barring emergency) until the game is over. Big screen TV’s can be set up for the kids and special, kid-friendly food can be served for the kid’s party.

Here are some good choices for the Kid’s Super Bowl party:

Lots of Gordo’s Cheese Dip with even more tortilla chips

GameDay Hanky Pankys (see above)

Gerri’s Mexican Wings (see above)

Baby carrots, celery and other small veggies with LOTS of Gordo’s for dipping

How About You?

Do you have some knock-out ideas for Super Sunday? Why not share them with your Gordo’s friends. Just post them below. We’d love to see them!

Have a great time this Super Sunday and don’t forget to make coffee and cab rides available to any of your guests who might need a safer lift home.